Can hair be the same length in particule edit mode than in object mode ?

Hi, I added a hair particule system on my mesh and the render is good, however when I go to particule edit mode the hair particules are longer which make them harder to comb.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m using vertex groups for lenght but, is there a way to see the same thing in all modes ?


ive been playing around with all the settings i can find, but i cant seem to figure out how to make the strands different from the curves in particle edit mode.
could you submit a blendfile for further review?

ohh there it is, its indeed because you are using a vertex group for length.

i would suggest not using vertexgroups for length unless its to select where on the mesh you wish the particle to emit from.
instead use the Cut tool in the particle edit mode.

keep in mind im not an expert at strand rendering so dont take my word for it, if stuff does not work out for you, then find another method, but that is how i would solve the problem as it is now.

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OK, thanks. I wanted to have the hair as good as possible before editing, it’s why I’m using a group for length… I’ll choose later…