can/how do you use pre-animated shapes in BGE?

Imported the mesh, textured it. Set up a sensor brick or two, and see that there is a new actuator. However setting begging and ending frames does NOT make anything happen (and yes the condition is true)!

Ok i have found the action editor and inserted a keyframe where the animation starts, and another where it ends, but i still CANT paste the name i gave to the keyframe into the shape actions “action name”. FFS i’ve NAMED it, why does it just delete it from the box?


Hi Crinkle!

I guess you need to use Shapekeys or Ipo instead.

Please take a look:

Don’t forget to check out Oto’s reference inside this post (

That’s what I’m studying at the moment to see if I do your .md2 work, no luck until now, as you can see… :o



Edit: Ugh! You’re already trying shape actions…

I’ve looked into this a bit, miracolously, it looks like blender doesn’t support md2 format, which is strange, as even blitz basic which is ten years old, supports it! Never mind i was only after learning to use animated models in blender game engine.

Is there perhaps a generic collection of player/monster animated models anyone knows about that i could use? i’m not after publishing anything, just trying to learn up (and that md2 model was actually from good old quake2).?


There is a bunch of models inside the “resources” section of this forum. You could also check “Yo Frankie”, the project by Blender Foundation. Don’t forget to search for Oto’s project (FPS) “dark days of little Oto”)