Can I create a character that looks like this with just Blender?

Throughout my time creating characters with Blender I have grown to want to make more and more detailed characters. While researching techniques and workflows for creating detailed characters I realized that the programs that almost everybody used in conjunction with each other to create their art were: Zbrush for high detail sculpts, Substance Painter for texturing, and Maya for hard surface modeling and retopology. Out of these three programs I know that blender could very easily replace Maya but doesn’t come close to the other two. Blenders sculpting is far from Zbrush’s and, to my knowledge, Blender can’t even do what Substance Painter can. So ultimately, my question is, using only Blender, can I create characters as good as this?

Now I know that the artist who made this was very talented and I am nowhere near that good. I also know that my skill plays a large part in the quality of art I produce. So having Zbrush or Substance Painter isn’t going to magically make my art really great looking. I will have to practice daily and refine my skill more and more until I can produce characters like that. My question is merely this: can I create this kind of detailed artwork using only Blender and no other paid software?

looks possible, maybe even internal could pull it off. its the textures that really make the scene.

blender can texture paint, but it will take a good uv layout to get efficient resolution.

software can make things easier to get better, but unless we are talking render tech, no software will make it better.

I wasn’t asking if Blender could render an image like that, with Cycles it would be relatively easy to render that picture. My question was if using only Blender I could complete every process that was needed to develop a character with that kind of detail. For example, sculpting all the ornate carvings and details that make up that character model.

Also, you said that Blender could texture paint. Would it have results similar to Substance Painter or Zbrush’s polypaint? Because I’ve tried to find tutorials on Blender’s texture painting and I couldn’t find anything.

it should be possible to create a high res model
and with more work a lower res one

but looks like there is a lot of details to work on so will take patience and time to complete it.

so good luck

happy cl

Yes, It’s possible.

But if your question is: “Can I do it with Blender in the same amount of time”.
Then the answer is no, since Zbrush is software specialized in sculpting, and Substance painter specialized in painting textures.