Can I edit while deformed?

It’s been years since I played with Blender and I have forgotten so much and only half recall other things.

What I want to do is add a shape key to compensate for distortions when an object is bent. To be clear, I am using bone deforms to bend the mesh.

The most effective way to edit the shape key would be to edit the mesh while it is bent but when I enter ‘edit’ mode, the mesh resorts to it’s undeformed shape. Is it possible to keep the mesh deformed while in ‘edit’ mode so that I can see what vertices’s need adjusting?

Thanks in advance for any insight into this problem.

Best regards BobG.

Use the option in the Armature modifier to show result in edit mode

Displays the modified geometry in edit mode, as well as the original geometry which you can edit.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. That’s what I was looking for but missed seeing.

Best regards