Can i embeed youtube or vimeo videos on a post ?

Can i ?

it would be nice.:smiley:

You can’t, but linking to it should be enough.

I second this as a site enhancement request. Would also be great for the tutorials section. Wouldn’t have any impact on blenderartists’ bandwidth. Why not do it?

i assume its a security risk. Allowing tags, even very specific white-listed tags, is dangerous.

You’d think, for all the big bux they paid for vBulletin, that it’d have some tags for this kind of thing - maybe an upgrade or a plugin? :yes:

people have already exploited the Youtube on Zbrush centrail a couple of times. The rogue script will open up pop up windows.

Here is an idea:

  • make the embedded video only viewable to logged in users, regular visitors see a link (less security risk of malscript spreading)

  • only user with 50+ post can embed video( less chance of hit and run spamming)

  • if anyone posts exploits, ban the user, blacklist the IP, block their ISP, block the city, the state, the country they are in, and any country that’s friendly with that country, and organize a boycott through the Blender Foundation.

edit: and finally nuke that country.

I think you can only post a link here. But it would be very nice that there should be a section on blenderartis about the post with Videos. In the last we all are goving to make animation videos using Blender.

mzungu: I hear that. One would think a specific forum tags (say,[_A-Za-z0-9]{11}/
) would be easier to validate.

Was going to start a new thread, but decided to bump this one. I see quite a few sites (DVXUser comes to mind) that allow Vimeo and Youtube embedding in various forms. It would be a great enhancement to the site with very low security risk.

it’s a nice idea, but why is it so much trouble to click one more link?