Can i get sound to play across a set of selected menus in Blender Game?

I wish to have the same sound file playing across a selection of different scenes (menus) is this possible?
Hope you guys can help
Thanks in Advance


yar, have the scene spawn the menu, clicking on a menu -> end old menu --> spawn new menu with add object

is this a python script?

or is this to do through the Logic Editor?

either, ending the old menu and adding the new, means you can leave the object playing the sound in the background :slight_smile:

oh ok thanks for the help

So on collision or mouseclick--------------------and-------------------------End object//old menu
____________________________________---------------------------Add object //new menu
_____________________________________--------------------------play sound bloop

get it?

Do you need examples? what are you working to?

I’m just experimenting on blender to see what it can do in game menus.
Could you maybe give one example?

ok, here is the selector,


Selector.blend (502 KB)

So this is the selector, it needs more for selecting and adding, right now it only works with 4 options 0 1 2 3

but you could have

10 11 12 13
20 21 22 23

easily call out new objects, and have more conditionals for the X limits, so if you select 1 then X limit becomes 10-13 etc

OK that all makes sense. Thanks for taking your time to help me out with this it seems to work now.
Thanks Again

No problem, after you are the jesus of code, spread the love… I can’t think in text so… ya

I need python eventually :slight_smile: