Can I hide an emission object from being rendered?

I am hiding my light from the camera, but in a reflection it still shows up. Is there a way to make sure that the light object is not reflected in my reflective objects? I’m using Cycles and Blender 2.67a.

I have the same question… is it possible??

You can use mix of Transparent and Emission materials using LightPath node as a mask.

A - Pure emission material
B- Mixed with CameraRay only (invisible to eye, still it can be perceived throughout reflection \ refraction)
C - Mixed with sum of CameraRay+ReflectionRay+RafractionRay: this way light gives only diffuse light and shadows.

I’m including .blend with my quick setup.

nodes.blend (626 KB)

Don’t get all complicated with nodes, just uncheck “Glossy” in the Ray visibilty panel, as well as “Camera” (which I think you did already)

here is what gregzaal is talking about