Can I join contour lines with faces?

Hi, I’ve got land height data in the form of contour lines in dxf format that I’m importing to Blender. What I want to do is join all the contours and then apply a satellite image to the landshape thus formed.

Question is: Can I easily join a line (made of a series of edges) to another line, with faces?

Even doing it by hand is hard as there are not the same amount of vertices/edges in each contour.

Is this possible??

Thanks for your help


Yes, you can select 2 verts, one from each loop and make an edge with F, then, when you have them all done you select them in 3’s or 4’s and hit F to make faces for tri’s or quads.

Easier is to load your heightmap as a greyscale Image texture and in edit mode hit ‘Noise’ to displace the verts of a subdivided plane or a grid. It doesn’t have to be greyscale, it just works better.

You can also load .dem maps into Teragen (see link in my sig) and generate a terrain file and import that into blender with ter2blend. Lots of info @ There’s also a plugin to load bitmaps into terragen.


Aha! Thanks for that.

Your first option is what I was suggesting as “the long way” because there are thousands of individual points across all the contours - it would take along time to make all the faces by hand…

Making a greyscale image and then displacing a grid of verts seems much, much quicker and easier - I will try that!