Can I make a loop for the Ocean modifier?

I’m creating a very simple water scene. With the help of a youtube tutorial, I created a plane, set the material, and applied the Ocean modifier. The animation and the scene look good and I’d like to render a long video of it.

Of course, rendering for long videos takes a long time so I’d like to render 20-30 seconds and repeat them. Nobody can notice the repetition if the first frame is exactly the same as the last frame.

My trial: I tried to navigate between multiple frames to see how the properties of the ocean modifier are changed the I wanted to make the first and the last frames have the same properties. Only the “Time” property is changed so my plan is ruined :smile:

Any other ideas?

You can use two ocean modifiers and animate the scale while offsetting them.

Stack Exchange explanation.

This video does something similar at the 28min mark.