Can I make a mesh 'bendable' easier than what I have been doing?

Hello everyone! Within this past week, I picked up Blender and have been learning everything from scratch and have gotten to a decent length. With that, I got stuck in an area and I have one quick question. Thank you for your time in advance.

In this image below, I made it to demonstrate the effect I want to create. The before is on the left and the effect I want is on the right.

I wanted to see if there was a way to make a face “bendable” without adding multiple edges manually. Is there a tool or anything else that allows me to transform a face or edge so that it manually bends the face or edges in such a manner with ease? I will explain the method I have been using.

I have had to add loop cuts (ctrl+r) on the face and then rotate the top most edge with “proportional editing” enabled to make this happen. Is that the best way to do so?

This would prove helpful when I create a rectangular object yet want to make one wall “wavy”. That is my intention.

Basically, I want to introduce curvature to the edges of a particular face with the utmost ease.

Thank you for your time!

you could use simple modifier
or use an array with curve
or curve modifier

or use a lattice
or use a rig

so many ways of doing it

happy blendering

You can make that plane, place a loopcut at the midpoint, drag the top points (in your illustration) where you want the curve to end. Bevel (Ctrl-B) the middle cut, and scroll wheel up to add more divisions.

That was excessively helpful, thank you! I went ahead and researched all of these tools and they were seriously amazing. I can’t thank you enough!

That was genius, it worked like a charm too! I was able to curve a plane with much more ease too! Thank you for that!