Can I make gimp show file paths instead of this crap?

This is an effective file browser.

This is crap and what Gimp uses.

Can I make gimp show a filepath like a competent program?
I know this is the wrong place, but I know a lot of people here use Gimp and I don’t feel like signing up for their forums since I’m only using GIMP for one small thing.

Photoshop is king.

this is why the big boys use photoshop

joking aside

it’s uhh… something you have to deal with unfortunately,

Apart from cosmetics, what is the functional difference between the two examples?

You can always press that small note with pen button to get a location where you can write location you want, but still it will not show the folder you’ve selected in gimp.

Copy and pasting file paths, which is UBER helpful. Unfortunately, Gimp’s crap system wont let me do this.

Ah, thank you so much! This is exactly what I need!

Photoshop is still better though.

as above this is NOT a gimp issue

it is the desktop manager one

you need to set THAT

What DE and OS are you using ?