can i make my game on play station 2 or even 1

can i make my game on play station 2 or even 1


I don’t think that there is a way. If there was it would definitelly be a sticky.

Yes there is a way to make it work on Playstation 1. It is very dificult… i don’t know if someone achive this… maybe Zero? I don’t see why he would like to do that… :rolleyes:

Btw Jorrit made PSP work inside Cristalblend. How? Ace stuff… i don’t know :confused: . Im just a modeler :wink: but he did it.

yeah, i think if z3r0_d actually wanted to, he could.

but i think it would be impractical because neither of the systems are powerful enough.

you can make an ogre game work on psx and ps2
i read it on their site

here is the link

thanks all …


is Ogre free ?

i have downloaded the demo 24 megs version

where can i download the engine it self ? sorry for the noob question

where can i download the engine it self ?

From the same site and I hope you have a team of programmers to help you. Ogre is not a game engine, it’s a rendering engine and you’ll have to program all the support code yourself. Big task…

actually , look what they said , it is possiple to have ps2 games with blender ! ???

is Ogre free ?

only if your time is worth nothing to you.
Try Crystalspace they are nice to new developers, and they have a nice blender interface

isn’t there anyway to convert my (bledner game) into PS2 ? :frowning:

The short answer: no
The long answer: not without massive skill, and a few miricals

you can with yellowdog linux…

that is for PS3, but you must use MESA software drivers for openGL.

We need a better linux for PS3.
or at least an SDK so us blender useres can contribute