Can I override the errors in Runtime?

Im trying to make a game standalone, but i cant because it says that there are a few errors, then it shows a traceback of all the errors and their origins. I couldnt seem to fix any of them, so im wondering if there is any way, logic, script, addon that might allow me to override these errors?
Thanks in Advance

Use try and except statements to handle errors in your Python code.

Like Mobious, I’m assuming that you have Python scripts written that are causing the errors, not errors within Blender. If you can identify where the errors are coming from and create an except statement to catch certain errors, then you probably can solve the problem. Using try and except to catch existing errors seems like it would easily create more errors (i.e. not making variables referenced later in the except statement). It would be better to ask for help and see how you can solve the errors.

Also, if the errors only arise when you’re running a standalone executable, then it’s pretty safe to say that it’s something outside of your code. Make sure you’re not importing bpy anywhere, and ensure that you place all necessary scripts where they need to reside (i.e. in the same relative position to your blend file).

The errors have mostly to do with lost or deleted external files such as sound and textures

In that case, no, there’s no way to override these errors, as they are pretty game-critical errors (you want to play your game without the sounds and textures you’ve defined?). Try to fix the paths to the resources in Blender. As a side-note, depending on the Blender version, I believe using the standalone player from within Blender mangles the resource paths, so avoid that option.

Thanks. I think the main reason was because i got a new computer and the path directories changed

Use the find missing files to locate missing textures