Can I pan and zoom my 2D animation in Blender?

I am making a 2D animation.

I want to draw a large image as my animation background, and then I want to pan and zoom the background photo in Blender, and then export the photos out in each frame.

Is it workable in Blender?

Yes, but an even better idea is to set the camera to Orthographic mode so there is no perspective distortion, move it back an forth along it own Z axis (key g zz and move mouse or type in value), this could also be global Z for ease, to zoom. To pan just move the camera in its own X or Y axis. Keyframe these movements over time and you have your animation as you also move your animated objects over the background. Blender always renders what the camera sees (except preview), so you just move the camera… You can also move the camera along a curve using a Curve or Follow Path constraint.

Cheers, Clock. :stuck_out_tongue: