can i parent a bone to another bone? 2.67b

as in: i have my armature, and i want to parent it to a separate single bone (it’s because of my game engine, long story.) can i do it? i did read the blender wiki, and no, in blender 2.67b i can’t parent one bone to another by selecting it in the ‘parent’ drop-down menu under ‘bone relations’, because the name of other bones doesn’t even appear there.
please help me, the alternative is i do all my armature again from the start…

in edit mode (with the armature object selected), select the bones you want to parent… then finally select the parent bone… then do CRTL+P to parent all these bones to the one you selected last. point is, parenting bones is only possible in edit mode

(unless you want to muddy the water with parenting via bone constraints and stuff… but as this is a BGE problem… I don’t think bone constraints work well.)

I just reread the OP… If you’re parenting to a regular bone, in a separate armature… select the whole character armature in object mode, then select the second armature (the single bone) and go into pose mode (it should keep the character armature selected as though its in object mode)… now select the bone you want to use for the parent, and do “ctrl +P” then select “bone” in the drop down menu… this will parent the characters armature object to the bone you have selected

To change the parent of a single bone without using CTRL+P, select the Armature, enter Edit Mode, select a bone, and in the Properties pane, select the Bone context (icon looks like a little bone). You’ll see a field for the selected bone’s Parent. I don’t recall if there is an X button to clear the selection of parent in 2.67b (there is in 2.68a), but in any case, clicking on the parent bone name field will produce a drop down list of all the Armature’s bone names. TIP: A bone selected in Pose Mode will remain selected after switching to Edit Mode – this can be handy for some situations.