Can I pause a render?

I have a huge render going.
Huge in the sense that its 1,200X1,600 pixels (Istockphoto’s minimum requirement), it uses Ambient Occlusion at 16 samples, same with the Area Light, and there are reflective/transparent materials, to say nothing of the high polygon count. (I assume pgon count is a big factor?)
My Comp has a pentium 4, 1 gig of ram, and I think those are the relevant things.
I estimate based on the 2 days its been already I must have 8 more days to go.
Big question: Can I pause/resume renders?
That will allow me to do other projects while I let the comp run at night when I’m sleeping.
If not, in the future how can I get dazzling results that the above settings seem to provide me without the HUGE render time?
I don’t hear my hard drive going, but I wonder if such a long-drawn render is taxing on the computer, or if I’m ruining it.
Thanks guys,

no. only cancel with Esc. What stuff do you have on iStockPhoto? What is your username or artist name so we can look up your “gallery”?

It is not taxing on the computer; it is designed to compute. To render faster, first start small at like 25% and start turning stuff off. Every % up 25-50 e.g, is 4 times longer. Poly is the biggest factor. Delete verts not shown by the camera, just like in real movies there is no backside to buildings.

well you didn’t state which operating system you use, but in Linux you would be able to put it to sleep and activate it later - I don’t know if that’s possible with windows.

And you’re not ruining your computer, you are punishing it :evilgrin: (won’t break)

Hmm, I just did a fast scouting trip for something to pause an application in xp. But so far all I found was a way to pause/start/stop services.

If the rederer starting service was created as a service for xp, then that service was started when blend started you could pause and restart it via the Service Control Manager.

And the Service Control Manager is really easy to use.

Thanks. My biggest concern was that I was running my computer overload.
As far as speed, I think this has been a lot like growing crystals. But I’m so far into it that I’m just going to let this one finish and hope to god that this blizzard we’re having doesn’t cause power outages.
To answer the above question, my Istockphoto name is JesterArts.
Right now I jsut have vector work up there. While I have a few 3d derivatives, renders I"m doing right now are hopefully what will get me accepted to upload raster art.
Thanks guys, those pointers will help me for future models.

How funny is this:
Something seemed out of whack…its not exactly a huge model. Why the heck was it taking so long. I stopped the render.

You mentioned above to start turning things off. So I looked into the model, and the samples of the AO and lamp did not seem to make a huge difference. Then there was the fact of the “verts” mentioned above.

I had subsurf set at 2 render levels. That makes more verts to be rendered right, since its subdividing the mesh?

Well, I put it down to one render level and i have more progress now than what four hours of rendering previous would have put out.

Amazing fact! I won’t be forgetting that one!

Of course you can also (temporarily) turn subsurf off with it’s render flag (for testing etc).

You might also try the decimate modifier if you haven’t used it before. Adust the Ratio down until the desired detail is still present (if you can / want to adjust it at all).


Very cool!!! 60 downloads!!! nice stuff you got there. I just started, RogerDWickes, 50% rejects. it’s tough.

You could always render half an image and then half the other.
Also, I found that using blender internal engine with AO on and 16 samples will take forever to render. I recomend you learn how to use YafRay and its GI. It be much faster then AO.

try looking at, if you haven’t already. Their blender packages are quite cheap.

I’m thinking of contributing to istockphoto to support my study - is it worth doing from a financial point of view?

If all you’re looking to do is to make your computer usable for other things while it’s rendering, you could decrease the process priority of Blender or whatever rendering engine you’re using.

To do this, open up the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del and then going to the processes tab. Right click on the exe that doing the rendering, then click “set priority” and set the priority to belownormal. If that doesn’t have enough effect for you, try the low setting.

What this does is makes your system more responsive while still allowing the render to run in the background. Basically, it makes it so that the render runs all of the time that the system is idle, but when anything else wants to run that thing gets priority. Your system should be about as responsive as when you’re not rendering, but when you’re not doing anything else, the render still cranks away. If you know you’re going to be gone or asleep you can put the priority back to normal. I wouldn’t recommend putting the priority any higher than normal though, as that makes the system too unresponsive and doesn’t really speed you up any.

Istockphoto…I still have mixed feelings. Now in the art department, I’ve always had people patting my back growing up. Maybe I’m good, maybe I’m not, dunno. Arts is subjective, just like the rewards one gets from it. But truth be told, your going to get more for your effort on a paper route than Istockphoto at first…I could be wrong on this. I see people with downloads like you have no idea, thousands and thousands. Being somewhat paranoid at times, I’ve wondered if Istock throws a few select people a bone for the sake of giving the majority of other artists something to shoot for, being happy wiht their one dollar a download.
I’m still somewhat new to this game, and the time I have to devote to Istock is minimal, being that I work full time, have two children, and obligations beyond that. Of course, this forum is safe ground for what I have to say concerning Istock. As my uncle says, “it is what it is.” I’m just not certain what Istock “is” for me at this point.
Thats my honest opinion. But if its a dollar a download or stagnating on your hard drive, I suppose you have nothing to lose. Istock can also be a lot of fun too. Again, it depends what your after.

In XP, you can set any process to a low priority, which should free up CPU for other tasks you want to do (like surfing the BA forum using IE). Ctl-Alt-Del.
I too spent quite a bit of time studying iStock, and am giving it a shot. But I have to create everything from scratch without talent, like you. So I am having a 50% reject rate. But if I can get 100 videos out there, and there are 10 HD downloads of each of them every day because by magic I hit upon 100 great ideas out of the thousand that I’ve done, I can retire. Of course, I’ll probably be 18 years older and of legal retirement age by then anyway… like you, wife, two kids, and a mortgage…

Biggest problem I have with the stock business is that the more creative you are, the less likely it will sell well. It kind of goes against the creative flow. Designers (buyers) who download the images want items that are not so distinctive that people might recognize them if they were included in someone else’s work. The work of @ndy and RobertT would need to be exclusive sales (i.e. 1 buyer only) and it takes one hell of an image or something made specifically generic for stock to get an exclusive sale.