Can I render an image in 48000x27000 resolution?

Blender 3.0 ,3070 8gb when im trying to render in the meantioned resolution , i just see a black screen in render field, how can i fix it ?

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You don’t have enough RAM to render at this resolution. Not even close, in fact. Why are you rendering so large?

To be more specific, if you’re rendering at 16-bit depth, you’re looking at 62,208,000,000 bits for your final image- at least 7.776 gigabytes, but that’s not counting the RAM for the viewport, for your operating system, and for everything else. That’s also the lowest possible estimate, it’s probably actually much higher.

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Split render in tiles, like 1296 1000x1000 tiles and combine them. You almost certainly need to do scripting where your camera moves/change region 48 columns and 27 rows in animation frames and then combine images using Imagemagick.

This link may help:


Hi there,

As a wild guess, is this about printing stuff you render? Blender works in pixels resolution, not in DPI or PPI. To work with that, you can calcuate it a linear way, but it also depends on the actual printing quality you are aiming for. IMO, at the end of the day, a 16k image can look very good upon any wall, and people won’t stuck their noses on it up close :smile:

There is an old (old) post about that here:

If my guess is wrong, please enlighten us about the plans :blush:

And in any cases: happy blending :grin:


Actually no , i was making a project (cyber punk styled poker game) and set a 9600x5400 resolution , with 4096 samples , and render went fine ,and after that i was just curious how big of a resolution i can really set :slight_smile:


Big thanks for everyone helping :slight_smile:

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Oooh, so wandering into the unknown? :smile:

Well, to be honest, I was never much of a guy for resolutions in this sense.
I recently did procedural low poly rocks and enjoyed how much better it looks than rocks in a Ubisoft game :joy: (I love Ubi !)

A monitor is 1080 or 1440 p mostly. So, even if you go high up, noone will notice.

At the end of the day, it is more about quality texturing, hiding seams (not like Ub…ehmm), and using LOD-s.

If you have an asset, that is looked from far, then up close, like “I need 8-16k to bridge that difference” kinda stuff, then I think it is an LOD kinda thing.

Also, texture sizes and RAM usage is always exponential. Double is four times, three is nine, four sixteen, etc… And mostly, it is all in vain IMHO.

So, feel free to tweak around, but don’t go too crazy :grin::grin: