Can I save/extract a pose form an animation?

I started making a pose in an animation, and after I finished making it, I have no idea how to save just that pose and delete the rest of the animations. Whatever I try, the pose disappears, and goes back to the starting pose. Then I have to press ctrl+z to get it back.

I tried pressing ‘a’ to select everything and then locrot it, but then it just reverts to the original pose.
I also tried copying the pose, but when I paste it, it just pastes the original starting pose.
When I play the whole animation, the pose that I created disappears

Is there a way I can save just my finished pose and delete the rest of the clips in the animation, or extract it from the whole animation?

Thank you in advance…!

You can save any pose to the pose library at any time. Poses are stored as actions.