Can I select multiple edge/etc loops?

Would be QUITE handy, right?

Umm besides vertex group assignment…

You can select multiple things by using shift key at the same time while selecting?

Oh, found a workaround, still it would be nice though.

You mean like Alt+Right click to select a loop and then Shift+Alt+Right click to select another loop?

yeah, but Shift is a part of Loop selection command… and since there two types of loops, I guess I’d need another modifier…

Hmm would need to look into my binding… I’ve got a bit different than you DCBloodHound

shift is not part of the loop selecting commad. You can select loops with alt + rmb and multiple loops shift + alt + rmb.

Probably, i run with the default shortcuts since it makes following tutorials easier. Also, you never know when a new version will override your binding when a new tool comes out.

Right, I can see.