Can I sell my models on my own website with textures I purchased from other websites?

I want to sell my 3d models. I use textures from known websites, google photos, and my own. Can I just sell models with these I purchased? Do I need to inform or ask for permission and maybe need to describe from what site these textures come from? What about these I copied from Google photos? I modified many of them and I do not know if I will find the source.

“Can i take other peoples work and sell it?” While it’s easy to go ‘what do you think!?’ it generally depends on the license those works were placed under. Unless you’re a 100% convinced the works are under a permissible license if’s best not to use it commercially.

If you make it so that the textures aren’t usable elsewhere, such as baking them down to your specific UV map, you can sell them alongside your model. It’s also possible that if they’ve been rendered to the point they’re nigh unrecognizable from any of the source materials you originally used, they’re probably kosher to sell.

Though it’s still a good idea to credit your source if you’re able.

I’ve searched the internet for textures all the time and one of the things that I always look up is the content policy or licensing. With in that legal jargon, it clearly states that you can use the textures in personal and commercial works. (Depending on what licensing is available.) However, in the jargon, it also states that you can not use the textures to sell to other websites as a package either by itself in a zip file or even as part of a 3d modeling package that you are selling.

For example, if you use the textures in a 3d modeling project and post it to Youtube as part of content to obtain revenue, that’s fine.

If you use textures under the same situation and you didn’t get the proper licensing, you may be subjected to copyright strikes and/or legal action with fees.

If you sell your model with the textures from another site and you have permission to do so, with the right licensing, then you can sell the model with out any problems. If you perform the same action without the permission of the site or the author, they will ask to take them down by the site that’s hosting the file. They may consider legal action if the problem occur.

It’s an unwritten rule to claim someone’s work and write it off as your own. So to sum it all up, look to see in the private policy section of the site to see if you can use the textures with out the author’s permission or check to see if it’s under the Creative Commons licensing. If it does, go ham on it, but if it does not and you use it with out permission or paying for it, it will come back to haunt you sooner or later.

I tend to agree with Renzatic,
What is forbidden is to buy something (model, texture) and sell it back or distribute it .
I think baking textures is a good solution

Yes, I see how it is complicated and simple at the same time. I wrote to two sites with the question, but have not got any answer yet. I paid quite a lot of money to be a member of especially these two sites and I hope we will find a good agreement. Baking is a good option, yes. My plan is selling my own textures as well in the near future and I see that I will start with the textures sooner I thought. Thanks for answers