Can I tell which bones blender fails to find solutions for? (automatic weight rigging)

As above - I’m sick of seeing this error and having no idea where the problem lies.

Can I tell which bones are causing the issue via the error report? Visually, I can’t see anything that shouldn’t work. Presumably there must be some indicator of when the automatic weights function is failing?

[edit] Now I’m really annoyed - it works when I scale the mesh up by a factor of 7. Still, I’d like to know where the function fails, if there is a way?

I don’t think it’s possible to know which bones cause the error (I may be mistaken though).

But the problem usually occurs when two or more parts of the mesh intersect each other. In that case Blender doesn’t know which part to assign to which bone. The best thing is to have a mesh with no intersecting geometry.

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