can i use a zbrush brush in blender?

i found some awesome free zbrush brush, and i am wondering if there is a way to import in blender?

No, they are different formats. If they use a alpha texture you can import that as a texture to use as a brush texture using one of built in brushes.

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Here is a guy, who transferred Zbrush brushes to blender:

Yes you can do so. go to this thread and download the orb brush (zbrush clone in blender)


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Thank you!

No you cant, its also stated in that link you’ve posted. First i thught he great, not sure how be its possible. Than read the text

i quote

But it is impossible to use ZBP brushes in blender, and the only way to transfer brushes - is to create them manually, so what I did some time ago :slight_smile:

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Like stated import is impossible, BUT if you get the 2020 trial of zbrush…you can import them and export out again as a alpha…but specialty brushes nope…