Can I use alpha pin of image texture for alpha channel?

i make contain alpha channel image by gimp

top image is not work as alpha channel in blender.(after apply layer mask)
bottom image is work in blender like this.

can i use top image as alpha channel for mask image?

Add Transparent shader to your material and mix it with main shader (in your case Diffuse) using Mix shader. And use your mask image as factor input for Mix.

thanks for comment.

is this ok?
but not show mask image.
What is wrong?

i apply layer mask before image export in gimp.

Looks correct, so something else is wrong. Share your blend, it is easier to take a quick look than guess what might be wrong. And pack textures to your blend.

Actually, it doesn’t…:wink:

The image texture’s color output is not connected to anything. I would assume it should have to go into the Diffuse BSDF’s “Color” input.

thanks for comment.
there is no problem if background is transparent.
blend file
untitled.blend (1.3 MB)
gimp file
Untitled.xcf (6.7 MB)
i apply layer mask afrer this file.

Eh, it depends. It actually came to me that a black-white image as mask should connect color, not alpha socket, so this might be the case here (can’t check the blend now). But yeah, if op wants to get color texture also, hook it into diffuse shader.

I’m a bit confused now: What exactly are you trying to achieve and is there still a problem or not?

sorry i want get mask image by untitle.png.
i know what i can do it from untitle2.png.
like this.

can i get same result from untitle.png?

No, you can’t, untitled.png does not have alpha channel.