Can i use blender with cloud computing ?

If i get it right, cloud computing is using the power of many other cpus over the internet…

so is there a way to use the power of many computers ( cloud computing ) with blender ? id there any free service ?

is this even posible ?

i see ubuntu has some cloud computing service, is this related to what im asking ?

Thanx !

Yes, you can use multiple computers to speed up your render times. One free option is

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I think you can easily use multiple PCS with cloud computing. All you need is the person to manage the network. Many of cloud computing companies are using the same successfully.

Hi TweakingKnobs - the free service the answer was given already by kastoria.

The commercial solution could be our renderfarm
The advantages of a commercial solution are confidentiality, service guarantee and speed.
For testing of our service you can visit our Demo account. It is public, you can test, compare or share your projects there.
For confidential render you can register to a private account where you receive a test credit as welcome bonus.