Can I use mirrored texture in game engine?

Hi, I have been doing a model based on a sphere. I cut half of it and used mirror mod. I unwrapped just that half I was working on and texture mirrored itself perfectly too. Even after I applied mirror mod, the texture stayed that way.

My question is, can I leave it like that ? Model is a commision for a game in unity and I am not sure if I can leave it like this ? It works in unity too, but I feel like this is some sort of cheating and it is not a proper way to texture mirrored object, or is it ?

Hi, yes you can use mirroring, it is common technique.
Gaming graphics is about cheating :wink:

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For texture too? Well, good to hear then, 'cous it will make my live a lot easier XD :smiley:
I was a little bit worried because when I unwrap it again (after applying the mirror mod) it’s all messed up…

Mirroring is sometime tricky, especially when you bake normal maps etc…
But like everything, after some practice you should get nice result!

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