Can I use some of your car models ?


We are currently trying to program a GPL remake of one of the best games ever, which is Carmageddon. It will use openGL for the graphic part and ODE for the physics engine. I think it will also use Blender to model the different cars and then export it to openGL (VRML seems the best way to do it).

But a problem is that none of us has the skills to make nice car models with Blender. As there are great modelers in this forum, we were wondering if any of the nice models posted here were under some sort of Creative Commons licence that would allow us to use them, or if we could simply use them freely.

I insist on the fact that the resulting game will use the GPL, which means that it will be freely available, as well as the sources (but not necessarily the models).

And if someone has ideas about the best way to export from Blender to openGL, we’ll also take them :smiley:

Thank you very much

You are free to use the blender models of cars listed at this link at