Can Mantaflow simulate high viscosity?

Hello, i’m trying to figure out the right setting to have this high viscosity on Mantaflow but with no success

This is done on Houdini

Can someone help me or should i report a bug or something

You would think the diffusion settings would do it but I could not get this result even with a crazy viscosity of 10 for the base and 0 for the exponent - should be like melted glass according to the manual. But it’s more like ketchup and just immediately spreads out. I tried tweaking the World Size from 0.05m to 5m and there was no difference. Surface tension didn’t have much affect either.
Maybe a bug? I’m on 2.83.

FLIP Fluids Addon can do it properly:


I’ve had no luck with this either. Spent few days simulating diffrent settings in the background and coudn’t get a similar look.

The reason for this is that we (The FLIP Fluids addon) use an accurate viscosity solving method that takes into account shear stress at the liquid surface. This is what makes it possible to simulate liquids that buckle, fold, and coil. The specific method we implement is this one: Accurate Viscous Free Surfaces for Buckling, Coiling, and Rotating Liquids. This is also the method used in Houdini’s viscosity solver.

I am not sure of what viscosity method Mantaflow uses, but it is likely that it uses a more basic viscosity method that does not handle buckling/folding/coiling liquids.

okay so it wasn’t just me, thank you for the response guys

This is the highest viscosity i managed,

btw he said that it’s on his todo list to improve the vicsotity