Can no longer transform with gizmo

I’ve somehow ‘broken’ the ability to transform with the gizmo. I’ve tried switching IK back-and-forth. The dials still work okay. The transform gizmo in the viewport turns into the transform cursor, but the bones just won’t move. It was working fine before my last save, and now it doesn’t. In fact, I still have previous saves, and it still works in those, so I’m assuming that I did something wrong along the way. I’m using Rigify, and I don’t have anything ‘locked’ that I’m aware of.

Press “W” on your keyboard

You may have accidently switched to a different tool in your viewport. you will be able to tell if have a different tool active is if you press T and the highlighted tool is not the “Select Tool”

there is however separate tools dedicated to Rotation, Scale and Transform

It could be that your armature is in rest position, see armature properties

Thanks so much guys. I ended up going back to a previous save and re-animating, which I was very not happy about as you can imagine, and just hoping it didn’t happen again, which thankfully, it hasn’t. But I will definitely keep an eye on these. Thanks again.

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