Can not merge faces

Hey guys,

New to blender (2.77) so I’m sure this is simples but for the life of me I cannot get the faces on these shapes to merge.

O & R
Made through importing and converting paths from illustrator, NOT actual native text.
Tried dissolving edges, Ctrl F, and a bunch of other things.
ANY help appreciated :slight_smile:


A face cannot have a hole in it so the surface of the letter must be made up of more than one face

Thanks Rich.
In that case, any idea how would one go about making a bevelled letter face in this instance?

Select the edges you want to bevel and use Ctrl+B
Select the edges you want to bevel and add a bevel weight to them. Add abevel modifier set to limit the method by weight… This will give non destructive bevelling

If this started as imported paths, you could also have beveled it with the path tools before converting to mesh…