Can not save files on my desktop

I am sorry this may be a stupid question but I can not save files on my desktop when using Blender. I was able to do it with 2.7 in the past. I using a mac running 10.15.6. Any help will be appreciated.

First off, welcome to the community, @megclay! Can you tell us the steps you perform when trying to save to your desktop? Also, do you get any error messages when you try to save to the desktop, and if so, what do they say?

Hello Hunkadoodle,
thank you for your response. I go “file” - “save as” - and choose a location. I can have my desktop highlighted and save but the file is not saved on the desktop. There is no error message. When I do the same process to my document folder, it works. I will attach a screenshot.

You have to ENTER the location…double Click on the desktop location…then name and save the file…

PS…I would still add a folder on the Desktop to store the files as it will get real messy if you don’t…

Hi REShlers,
nothing happens when double-clicked… The folder just goes highlighted gray instead of blue. I can double-click my “document” folder, but not desktop…

Outside of Blender, can you copy or save a file to the desktop?
It sounds like the permissions to save are not on…when it goes grey does it look like the Library Folder in your screenshot?
See if you have the write permission on to save to the desktop…
Sorry I have no experience with the Mac OS…

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! For some reason, Blender was the only application that did not have permissions to save on desktop in the security in the system preference… I don’t know why. But this resolved the issue, very happy.

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I had the same problem. And I solved this way;
Systempreferences/security&privacy/privacy on the left bar “FullDiskAccess”
press “+” icon and select Blender. Thats it.