Can particle objects have their own children?

I made some trees and the trees are in a group. My particle system uses this group.
The leaves are other objects, parented to the trees. So I can move my trees around and their leaves of course follow.

But when rendered in my particle system the trees are just bare branches. Their leaf children are ignored.
Is there some way to make Blender render children of particle objects so that my leaves will show up too?

I’d like to avoid joining the meshes if possible.

I think I get the same behavior if I make a particle system of a particle system. But if I first make a particle system of leaves on the tree, then parent the tree to other meshes (Duplication:Verts), then it seems to work even with multiple levels of dupliverts.

So I suppose it’s looking like a no-go for both particles with children and particles with their own particle systems.
Good observation about the duplivert behavior though. It could be a workaround in some cases.

Thinking about my workflow for the project at hand, it seems joining the objects in a new .blend and then appending will make the most sense after all. If I need to make changes to the trees and leaves I will edit their un-joined versions, save-as, join again, re-append, and re-group.

I was hoping there was some option I didn’t know about that would allow a non-destructive workflow. But if there’s not, I must move on.
Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks ramboblender, good to know that’s what the Particle Instance modifier is for.

That sounds promising. I’ll look into it as soon as I get home!
Thanks ramboblender!