Can radiosity influence textured objects?[ANSWERED]

I have tried to light a textured scene with radiosity already, but when I start the radiosity process the textures do not show, only the original material that was assigned to the textured object is included in the radiosity calculation.

I was just wondering if radiosity can be used to light textured objects, and how one would go about making that happen, if possible?

Also, as a follow up question:

I can’t seem to find the LCSM Unwrap or the “Mark seam” function in publisher 2.25. I have used the cube calculation instead, but I cant get the faces to seperate, as they do when I use the “Mark seam” function and LCSM unwrap in 2.37. Is there any other way to do this in 2.25?

This is not really a “priority” question, since I can always append already textured objects from 2.37, but it would be nice If I could do all the work consistently with one blender version.

Thank you.

texture after you do the radiosity calc

LSCM was introduced in blender 2.34

As of Blender version 2.40 any UV mapped textures applied to the mesh before the radiosity calculation, are retained after the solve. A big step forward in my opinion. Hats off to the developers.

Be careful though as you may run into the maximum number of materials per mesh problem (16) as the radiosity calc will create a single mesh.

If you want to build the runtime using 2.25 then just do all the development in 2.4 taking advantage of improvements like this and then create the runtime in 2.25.

Hope this helps

Ricky Dee

Thank you z3r0 d for the info.

Ardee; thanks for the suggestion.

I was actually planing to do that from the start, I was just worried that there was going to be some transfer problems inbetween different versions, but I did some tests and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Once again, thank you both.