Can rigid body simulations utilize instances?

Normally in Rigid Body simulations, I’ll take a single object and duplicate it like 100 times … but of course vertex count adds up in a hurry if it’s not a low poly object (which mine is not).

So I would like to instances, to build up the volume of objects. (like a bunch of coins falling into a bucket) I am right on the edge of not being able to render using GPU (because I have only 1gb memory) and I have discovered that instances does not go against the GPU memory vs. just duplicating a bunch of objects.

So, If I use instances, will they work correctly in a rigid body simulation where the individual instanced coins will fall and rest naturally?

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Making linked duplicates (Alt-D) of a rigid body object works just fine for me, if that’s what you mean by instances.

That should work fine. One method is to create a single coin/particle object and make it an active rigid body. Move it to an unused layer. Create a particle system and use that object as the particle. Once you have enough particles in the scene use the Object menu to Make Duplicates Real. This menu function preserves the Physics state of each particle. So each new ‘real’ particle will be an active rigid body and be an instance to a single mesh. Remember to get your textures and materials right before you make all those particles real.

@K.Horsman Well my number 1 objective is trying to get a lot of coins that don’t eat up memory… I’ve currently used grouped instances with good success because the GPU memory seems to be only using the main objects vertex count. So maybe your recommendation will work the same.

@atom … This project is a slot machine… so I modeled the main body of the slot machine to have a shoot (kind of like a slide) that is internal…at the end of the shoot" is the coin tray. Right now I’m using a bunch of dupicate coins (but I used shift D, instead of Alt D, and they are just set in place inside the machine. basically they just are released and fall nicely via gravity and physics, and look very convincing. I don’t think I would have that kind of control with particles…at least for the machine.

But there is another area where I am using particles coins… but I didn’t do what you mentioned about Make duplicates real, so I think I will experiment with your recommendation.

I have a pretty extensive WIP Post 57 (on page 3) shows the current RB coins in action, post 121 shows my coin fountain which goes off when a someone hits a jackpot. To get to the WIP, just press “WP one armed bandit” in my signature. I would welcome both of you to check it out and watch my progress. Thanks to both of you for your help.