Can some one please tell me what is wrong with this logic brick setup?

Can some one please tell me what is wrong with this logic brick setup?[IMG]

What I am trying to do is have the object rotate, but the minimum rotation velocity using the “always” sensor is too fast, so I have set it to trigger on the timer.

The second set of “logic bricks” resets the timer to 1 after the first set of “bricks” has been triggered, thus slowing the rotation.

The problem is that no amount of fiddling seems to make the object rotate when I use a timer as the trigger.


What does it need to do? I meen, whats the function for the logic bricks?

May be, try changing the value of Freq (delay between logic pulses) in the always sensor might do the trick.

I have been playing with Blender for a while and feel I am read to try my first game. It has a spaceship which I control with a joystick, (this works,) and I am populating the scene with asteroids. [very original ;)]

As everyone knows, asteroids have a rotation and with small asteroids, I can use the following bricks:

This also works, but the problem is that this is the minimum rotational velocity possible with these bricks.

The previous screen-shot shows the first "property/timer sensor " is activated when the timer is between 9 and 11 and increments the rotation of the bigger asteroid.

The second “property/timer sensor” is activated when the timer is between 11 and 13 and sends a message resetting the timer to 1 thus dividing the timer out put by a factor of ten?

The numbers may be wildly out for what I want, but in principle with a little experimenting to get the correct values, this should slow down the rotation velocity. The problem is that no matter how I jiggle things or fiddle with the logic bricks, if I use a timer the asteroid does not rotate.


Ps, I tried playing with the freq it had absolutely no noticeable effect.

Haha now i see :slight_smile: Easy. The rotation can be set as low as you want. 0.01 aint lowest. just click it and write in the number you want. try writing .0004 and you will see it works :slight_smile: But VERY slow xD haha Hope this helped you :slight_smile:

Additionally, even if you couldn’t set the velocity to lower than you have it (you can, though) I wouldn’t recommend using a whole setup with a timer and stuff, since what you described is what pulse is for. Just increase the pulse and turn on true level triggering (the leftmost button that says “…”)

Thanks, that is so obvious I did not even think of trying it. It 0.001 is about right for trying interesting things.

I know it is academic, but how do i increase the pulse ? (

I found the true level button and tried playing with the freq, (up to 10000,) and it had absolutely no effect.