Can somebody please help me with the cell fracture in Blender v2.74 please?

There is a problem that I have recently been encountering in blender having to do with the cell fracture add on that comes with blender. so I was following this tutorial I found on you tube:

The problem is that I can fracture a sphere just fine the first time, but the second time, instead of doing it like the first time, it turns it into a fractured block that really annoys me. I followed his tutorial perfectly, but somehow I still get that error, where the second time I fracture the sphere, it turns into a block (I am aware that he is using an older version of blender and that I am using the latest version, and also I am using the default load out that comes with blender, with the exception that I am using my gtx 770 as the compute device, maybe that is the problem, but I do not know). Can anybody please help me out here, as I am a noob at blender, it would help alot, thanks.
P.S please don’t hate.

Well, cell fracture does weird stuff sometimes, I’d say just don’t fracture the same object twice, because appearently in 2.74 it drives the addon nuts (same behaviour on my machine as well). I wouldn’t even do this in the first place, because there’s an option in the addon called “recursive shatter”(as far as I remember), which does exactly that - fractures the same object twice (recursively).

Just one piece of advice - when you use cell fracture or any other physics sim. always watch out for your scaling to be 1.0 on all axes, also if something doesn’t work try scaling up (in edit mode) - sometimes small things create a mess, scale up 10x and bam everything’s fine. (won’t help you this time, don’t bother).