Can someone email me the key.dat file plz?

(_Aorus_) #1

I have no clue how to convert it to a *.dat file and I can’t “Save Target As…” For some reason is doesn’t work, even though I have all my download options enabled in my IE security options. I’m running win98 btw. Thx!

[email protected]

(humphrey) #2

I had the same problem with os x…
I’ve zipped the key, and I will email it to you…

(VelikM) #3

A *.dat file is a .txt file with the extension .dat, just rename the file.

(on) #4

so i’m also having trouble with the .dat file key. I downloaded it and rename it from .txt to .dat but publisher still gives me the prompt “Error file does not contain a valid key”.

Could someone please e-mail me a correct key or help me out with what I am doing wrong.

Thanks, i am eagar to try out publisher’s NLA.

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(humphrey) #5

This key file works!!!
I’ve zipped it so just unzip it and install the key.dat file…
That’s how I did it :smiley: