Can someone explain how to do what is being done in this video

I’m very new to sculpting in Blender and trying to follow some video tutorials. I found one that is using a tool/technique to add straps to a model, but I have no idea how and can’t make out from the video what exactly he is doing (looks like adding a plane and somehow morphing that into a series of straps?).

This is the video at the timestamp I’m asking about:

Is there a name for what he’s doing here and does anyone know if there’s a better tutorial to explain this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. You pause the video when the modifiers used there are shown. You see especially Shrinkwrap modifier. That is done in edit mode. You look in YouTube tutorials about Shrinkwrap modifier, and maybe also some tutorials about Retopo in Blender.

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Thank you! Without knowing what to search for it is difficult to find more information.

Like this video:

Add Solidify modifier to obtain the thickness of the strip.