can someone help with this hair texture

i have no idea what im doing lol, ive seen this happen in a video before, something about 2 polygons taking the same space or something, i dont even know if what im saying is right. If anyone has some time please help me with this

Well you could go down the following list of possible contributors:

  1. Check normals. Try “Recalculate Normals” in the Tool Shelf, also maybe smooth faces if you haven’t already. Or under Object Data, in the Properties panel, under Normals, try checking the “Double Sided” box.

  2. Check the mesh. See if it was accidentally duplicated within the object’s edit mode (drag a vertex over, see if there one underneath). Or if there are multiple faces between the vertices (try deleting a face at a problem area, and see if there is still yet another face there, or a hole).

  3. Check the material and texture. Could be a premultiplied issue with the incoming image (not exactly sure what setup you have so kinda throwing stuff out here).