can someone please help me ?!

Hey guys,

So i am trying to wrap this text on the surface of the trophy but i haven’t been able to do it perfectly… :frowning:

the text needs to be extruded as well! I have attached the blend file…

I have already tried the combination of “curve” and “shrinkwrap” modifiers but when i want to extrude out the text at the end, it messes up everything… mostly because when i convert the text to mesh, the resulted mesh is very messy and at the end when i want to extrude each face based on “individual origins”, it just gets really messy and ugly… :eek:

my blend file:

new trophy.blend (2.77 MB)

desired outcome:

Thanks in advance :cool:

Create your text, then do a copy ( for backup ), convert the text to mesh… in edit mode, w > remove doubles > shrinkwarp. then extrude the text.

The problem is it will follow a curve… making the text not fully straight.

I don’t think you read my explanation very well :stuck_out_tongue:

After you convert text to mesh, you usually have to clean it up a little. That’s what your problem probably is.

Remesh to realign the structure for the deformation, offset edges addon to get the sides, clean up a bit, and 3 shrinkwraps.


trophy_ja12.blend (864 KB)

this looks perfect … awesome tip!

ok! so i tried to do it myself but i can’t clean up as good as yours! and something is not working out!! what was the process of your cleaning up the text after converting it into a mesh?’

here is my cleaned up version:
clean.blend (3.83 MB)

Here’s the process I did to it. A long one, I’m a bit slow, but thought I might avoid writing a long post with many images that way.

The offset edges addon doesn’t avoid pushing geometry past itself on tight corners which creates a problem at least with solidify modifier. Might be able to leave it if you don’t mind minor visual defects. I’m adding solidify at 4:36 and enabling even thickness shows what the inverted polygons cause. Manually cleaning those which is somewhat tedious

I revised the order of things with the vertex groups and shrinkwraps. Only need one group that has the inner vertices. Modifier order shrinkwrap + solidify + shrinkwrap with a group saves some hassle. Of course, if the surrounding geometry around letters is clean and wide enough, could also round those with bevel modifier instead of using another shrinkwrap to give an offset.


trophy2_ja12.blend (1.44 MB)

wow man! you are a legend!! thank you so much for the video … i am watching it now :evilgrin:

your method is very advanced and I must say that I’m far from being at your level. But being the lazy person that I am, I would be too hard pressed to use your method. I don’t know if it would work but I would create brushes out of the text, which I would use to sculp on a higher poly model of that trophy. I would then create a bump map and use it on the lower poly version of the tropy. I wonder if it would work.

It would be much faster to bevel the text object and bake that to a normal or a bump map. It could be worked flat so don’t have to go through the process in the video.

The thing with those maps is that they don’t affect the geometry and therefore can’t change the silhouette. If the text is against the throphy in the render, it might be good enough, but if the trophy is rotated and the text is against the background, the illusion is broken.

Don’t even have to bake if pressed for time

Matcap can show the normals in the viewport, and whatever is in the viewport can also be saved with opengl render. Only render setting hides the non-renderable objects and UI elements

Text against the object itself and against the background.

Thank you for the very detailed answer, I understand why it wouldn’t always work.