Can someone render this please?

Hello, I was wondering if someone with somewhat powerfull machine could render this for me.
I just started exploring volumetrics and hair particles so this is my first work but aparently 8gb of ram isnt enough to render this, despite of my 1060 graphics. It’s not much (1M polys) but my machine cant handle it and crashes every time. Tried putting it on sheep it render farm but it crashed there too so they discarded my project.
I will attach .blend file and /if someone can render it I would be grateful.
Here is the link for download


I tried to render the file. Strangely it is also crashing on my laptop…
I’ve 16gb ram and 4gb 1050ti.

Hey, If it is just about the Mist, you could try and use the z-pass in the compositor. Might be enough for this scene.

Hmmm… Strange. In my viewport it looks like this:

Maybe because of the amount of samples? I’ll give it a try myself when I am at home.

I dont think that samples can cause this…

That climbs to 18.5Gb to render. It is in serious need of optimisation.

If I hide the bird, it renders fine for me. I have 2 1060s 6gb and 16gb ram. That bird eats up some serious ram.