can textured representation (alt+z) be enhanced ?

(IamInnocent) #1

I don’t know much or anything of OpenGL so tell me

if I uvmap an 1028X1028 TGA image on a square plane, like in the example below, can I do something to get a cleaner representation in Blender’s alt+z mode ? Here there are spots and on colored images it’s awful banding.


(bmax) #2

I dunno if it can… I wish i knew!

That would be way cool tho, especially if this feature could be transferred to the game engine.


(Jolly Gnome) #3

IIRC, the more “subdivided” the object is, the more there’ll be detail. If I understood you correctly…
(you can easily try that by making a plane, adding a detailed image on it, and then putting up the “subdivision surface” level)

(bmax) #4

what the hell?

why would that change how the texture is displayed? If you subsurf an object, only the angles between faces are flattened, and it does NOT make the texture of any better quality… that would be shit!!

Imagine, you modeled a low poly model and you made good textures to hide the lack of mesh detail, but for the textures to show up in good quality (and thus hide the lack of detail) you would have to add extra polys!!! Where the hell would that get you to? nowhere.


(Jolly Gnome) #5

I meant that it shows the textures more detailed in the shaded (alt-z) view, not in the render.

(IamInnocent) #6

Tom, you’re right for the textures that are uvmapped and Mr Gnome is right for all the textures created in the texture window (F6).

I thank you both : I never saw it so clearly explained. I’ll put it in a short tut. I hope that, with time, those notes to myself will form a small illustrated FAQ.

(IamInnocent) #7

I did a mini-tut that illustrates the effect of subdivision on the representation in textured mode (alt+z).

Here :

(harkyman) #8

Thanks for the demonstration. My cache of Blender knowledge just increased.

(IamInnocent) #9

You’re welcome.

I’m finishing the translation of my site and a few more things will become available to international users. It won’t bring revolution to anything but, since I answer many questions, I tought that thar way of doing it could, in the long run, become a sort of nice illustrated FAQ.


(bmax) #10

btw: sorry for being so impulsive at times [sigh], but I’m in a bad mood lately… exams and stuff are really killing me.

Feel pity for me :frowning:


(Briggs) #11

if your getting banding in texture preview mode it is likely that your vid cards color depth is set to 16bpp. Cheaper 3d accellerators will not run at a higher color depth and still accelerate 3d displays.