Can the Asset Manager handle Sims yet?

I noticed in the release notes that simulations were not mentions as supported by the Asset Manager. Are they a data block?

The asset manager is not ready for primetime according to its developer, so it was pulled from the 2.92 release.

The question is currently a moot point until Severin re-enables it for testing.

What kind of simulations ?
Indeed I’m not sure they are a datablock, I think they are more modifiers settings.
But it depends on the case, particles settings are a datablock , for the others sims type , I guess not.

Anyway, the Asset Browser for now is focused on basic stuff : objects, materials, collections even if it’s already possible to store other data, it’s not always possible to load them, for instance, you can store a node group as an asset, but you can’t load it. All this is part of the integration process and will be hopefully worked on in a few releases.

What you can do that sound in the lines of what you want : export a simulation to alembic (for cloth , rigid body) , you can then use it as an asset and import it elsewhere.
And for smoke sims, maybe you can export them to .vdb and use the same principles. I haven’t checked it yet…
The obvious downside of all this is that you can’t change locally simulation parameters as they are baked. But that’s the closest thing that I can think of.

Maybe much latter , when more stuff will be node-based you could export settings as a group , load them with asset loader and apply it to whatever object you want. I’m sure that will be possible in blender at some point, but there is still a long road before it append.

Thank you much. I didn’t think about The obvious reasons for them not being accepted yet, though I figured they probably were not.

Thanks again for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face: