Can this robot arm be made less nervous?

Can the IK solver of this robotic arm be “dialed down” so that its moves softer, or is there anything else that can be modified so that the arm is not making such sudden rotations during movement?
Blend file can be found here (4.9 MB)

I first made the arm (from these freely available models) with control surfaces for every joint. I thereafter set IK constraints (aimed on the little ico spheres) to simplify the positioning, but with 7 degrees of freedom I of course end up with an extremely over determined system.

Have you tried: Armature (object) tab > Inverse Kinematics > IK Solver > iTaSC

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I had not tried that, and it made a very big difference. Thank you!
Made for robotic applications and can be tuned. perfect!

Blender really has a way of spreading out settings for similar things in a very non-intuitive way. I read about iTaSC but couldn’t find it, so I assumed that it was some deprecated setting. So, thanks also for describing how to find it :slight_smile: