Can u tell me How To play animations?

i was asking for how can i play animations in blender3d GameEngine i looked for tutorials i cant find em… can some one help me here??
and also how can i put AI(Bots) In blender??? and how can i make the charracter look left and right,up and down with mouse axis?
hope for good tutors

Animations? Easy!
Select the default cube, add a Always Sensor -> AND -> Motion Actuator - Rot Z - 0.10
Press P key…it’s animated!
AI bots? Easy!
Add a “bot” then add a Always Sensor -> Python Controller with the name of a AI Python script ( that you will write?!)
Mouse movement? Easy!
Search for the “FPS template” in the forum!

@oto: pretty good GTFO n00bz, i should write a bot for this task, so we dont waste our time xD

will it start animating while gameplay liek i put a button to open a door then i press it then it will start the animation and the door will open?
Bot:- the problem is How to add a Bot?
mouse:- how can u say easy while u say search for “FPS Template”?
and no buy!=p

thats basic animation control, there are OVER NINE THOUSAND tutorials about that.

i guess you didnt get it, programming a bot is a difficult task, you have to know programming and some logic, also have some advanced knowledge of the engine.

oh, punching the keys f-p-s- -t-e-m-p-l-a-t-e in the search form is too difficult for you?

this is getting boring

btw, i guess your native language is not english, what is it?

You might try by reading the sticky posts at the top of EVERY PAGE OF THE GAME ENGINE FORUM. In particular the “READ FIRST” post seems like a logical place to start. After that you might try “Simple Questions Answered” and “How to make FPS, RPG, MMORPG, RTS…”

I spent 5 seconds searching google and came up with this:
and this:

Of course searching the forums has already been mentioned already, and the search term to use was even given to you. Please do not say you’ve “looked for tutorials” when you haven’t even read the posts at the top of the forum page. Next time try searching and actually reading some of the results you get.

Punkbuster It seems you are trying to do some pretty advanced AI and scripting. Unfortunately there is no Magic AI button you will need to either read lots of tutorials or take a class to learn basic scripting before attempting to create a game in blender.
Blender is not some Noob friendly game maker “cough” RPG MAKER “cough” it is a professional moddeling program and Game Engine.(still in development of course) It does take some traning and experience.

delete this threade please…
i punched FPS TEMPLATE i dont get any nice results

who said i am making a game ?? “_”
i am just learning blender… and this is not a joke place ‘;…;’

your request is a joke, i’d say almost an insult, you got jokes and insults, thats the way it works

btw, follow wiseman’s links those are useful

Sorry, I’ve lacked of hospitality ( I was tired).
But you should post more specific questions!