can u use the game engine for an animation

hey people
can u use the game engine for an animation if so how???

Yes, you can. But they will look more or less like ‘games’. If you want detail, I would suggest looking in the animation section of this forum.

If you do want to use the GE, then it’s not too much different than animating other scenes with Blender (IPOs, armatures, camera movement, etc.). But there’s no simple answer to your question. Check the Blender Wiki.

I think there’s some good examples of GE animation here:

I have been looking very hard at this issue, even if I’m obliged to deprecate Blender the role of “just a model-builder” to get more work done faster.

Let’s face it: GPU hardware is incredibly powerful now, and Blender’s own rendering capabilities just haven’t kept up… just don’t give you the option of exploiting what the hardware can do. I know that there is some work going on in these areas…