Can we control Noise Scale setting variations with a Node?

What going into the socket for the Noise Node’s Scale setting can control it with significant effect? I’be tried Color Ramp with and without Alpha settings of 1.0 and 0.0 and Converter > Math Node > Multiply having tried settings up to 64

What I’d like to do is pass Noise through a volume of space and geometry in a linear way like through the Z-axis or X/Y so that some of the noise is set to a Scale of 1 and low numbers and control it to quickly rise to settings of 20 and 25

I seem to get something, but it’s not predictable or close enough.

Do note that if you use a ramp, the highest you can go for the noise value will be one.

What you would need to do is do a setup like 5+X*Y, whereas the first value is the base that you set in the math node and X is the texture data, then Y is the multiplier to create a range that starts at your base and goes as high as you need it.

I did not quite get the “pass Noise through a volume of space and geometry” part but here is one to play - blended scale of textures on a plane.
Did you mean something like volumetric stuff? It’s really slow here and have not checked further this.