Can we really believe Blender is this good ?

Man, i was just thinking what a piece of software we have, for free ! And this is what it makes it so good, is crazy!

2.5 is going to be the knock off for those that dont take blenderrr for a good(great) app.
an 2.48 is too much.


Man, i was just thinking what a piece of software we have

I keep on thinking that since i’ve met Blender. :wink:

I hope the servers on are ready for the surge of downloads of 2.5 and I hope BA is ready to see a flood of new users.

To make it possible we need a lot of advertising of the new features featuring our 2.5 blender’s version! as we know, not everyone knows about the advantages of blender =(

Forget 2.5

I can’t wait for Blender



Anything multiplied by zero is zero. That version should never exist…

You mean :
Can’t wait for Blender 5.50!

I can’t wait for 2.5 either, cause word on the street is that it might come with free money, or cute gerbils. Preeeeeeety nice sounding to me.

How could someone who knows trig. multiply something by 0 when trying to make a poke at versions.:smiley:

Blender 5.50 - that is probably some many many years away. I wonder if they will skip some numbers make blender 2000 as a major marketing ploy ?

there’s a 0^-1 in there, so I think they were supposed to cancel out?

that doesn’t make sense though, since 0/0 is undefined

I believe 0/0 leads to an alternate universe?

I can’t wait for Blender Millenium Edition in 3000! :evilgrin:

Until then, I’ll work with 2.48 and look forward to 2.5… :stuck_out_tongue: