Can we work together to bankrupt Hollywood now?

Because I just saw in the local movie listings the most in-your-face immoral movie I’ve ever seen in the paper for the years I’ve been looking at it.

The freaken title of the movie even has the word ‘porn’ in it, it’s essecially an X-rated movie that let ratings creep give it a ‘R’ and is playing in theaters.

If I see more movies like that it’ll be time to bankrupt hollywood and thus spell the end of the movie industry, then it can be reborn into a more friendly industry where there would be no language, crude content, or anything borderline X-rated.

Those movies will ruin hollywood and give us a good impression of what movies theatre’s would’ve been running if they existed in Sodom or in Noah’s day, who wants to bankrupt Hollywood for their excessive crimes against good values and morality?

Boy oh boy CD, how many times do I have to tell you…You are not ready for the high board yet. Stay with the lower one or just jump into the pool from the concrete that surrounds your puddle. Oh, and don’t forget to wash your feet first.

Look, I thought Hollywood was pushing it when they released ‘The 40 year-old virgin’ Didn’t realize that they may actually try and set their own bar on that type of sick content even higher.

What the heck do they think is wrong in just making movies that don’t have that kind of crude and sick content, why do they not want to avoid it?

I am right with you on this one. We have to stick it right to the porn consumer because they are different from us.
The do not think the way we do, therefore they do not deserve to exist.
They are annoying in conversation, demanding facts, and confusing stuff.

We need moral police like in Saudi Arabia.
Then we can enforce the law in more of a biblical way.

People working on the sabbath (sundays) are sentenced to be stoned to death.(Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy)
People who notice that their neighbors wife has a nice set of… err umm breasts, you are put to death.(covet thy neighbor’s wife)
People who do not attend church are to be sent to re-correction camps.
Women who are pregnant out of wedlock are to be stoned like in old days.

We need to re-instate the Spanish inquisition IMHO. Those guys really knew how to lay down the law. Most people think they where merciless murderers and sadistic torturers . But in reality they enforced the 10 commandments to the “T”, exactly as it is written.

Hey CD, do you pay taxes? Just think about where your monies are going…

who wants to prosecute the Bush administration for their excessive crimes against good values and morality?

Fixed your typo.

Hey CD, do you pay taxes? Just think about where your monies are going…

I don’t make enough money to pay taxes yet.

The Oracle: Are you related in any way to Fred Phelps of the Westboro baptist church in Topeka Kansas? Your post kind of reminds me of what he teaches and believes.

Do dragons understand the concept of sarcasm?

Also, your “Grassroots Censorship” idea will never work.

We need not to just ban nudity, but also scenes in movies where children are shown eating, and talking with their mouths full of food.

Just discusting! They all need to be put in the X rated section, and later burned with the books when we are in power.

They show kids eating with their mouth open, and other kids mimic them. It has turned into a pandemic!

So, Movies with children eating,and talking should be censored as well.

I have a problem with people in stripped shirts too. They are all the same. Just evil to the core!

Heh… The Sabbath is really Saturday I think, however because I am unsure, I don’t work on either day.

Now, just because my neighbor’s wife has a nice set of jugs does not mean that I am doing anything more than studying human creation.

People who do not attend church must be tormented by kids in black pants and white shirts handing out pamphlets.

Women who are out of wedlock and pregnant were stoned in the first place.

Oh, and no one expects the Spanish inquisition…

but also scenes in movies where children are shown eating, and talking with their mouths full of food

I’m not even going to go there, I…I can’t think of anyone else calling for an inquisition to enforce good manners as seen in some ‘Pickles’ strips, I consider myself to be hardline Christian conservative, could it even be possible to be even further to the right than that?:confused:

Nope, that is pretty much to the right, Just be careful going around corners, Might want to get your steering checked out, that is if you are old enough to drive…

Sabbath day is sunday, go read the bible.


To answer your original question: no, we can’t.

Wow. There are actual ministers in Kansas calling for the return of the Spanish Inquisition? NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
CD, do you, by any chance, notice any similarities between what your Fred Phelps espouses and the Taliban’s beliefs? Any at all?

Well, it’s probably hard to understand for you, but sex or sexually related items are a lot less crude and sick than all the violence you see in many other movies (and there’s a LOT of them).

Also, if in real life, you act like you do on these boards (or at least express the same ideas), than you’ll never have sex and… oh, wait… actually, that’s not a bad idea.

Please continue!


The world doesn’t agree with your morals.

Getting preachy about them will only make people hate you.

Because the part of my body that’s between my legs is insulting to me.

I’d rather watch a movie that’s nothing but two hours of a guy being brutally tortured to death.

/Reality for most ‘moral’ people.

Honestly, you’d think that breasts would be totally showable at any time. Half the population has them. How can we not all be used to them by now? People slow down at a car accident so they can see what they hope will be a blood-splattered corpse protruding through the windshield or something, but show them a penis and they can’t look away fast enough. wtf is wrong with society?

Wait wait wait… there’s something wrong with violence?