Can you access 'Blender.Scene.GetCurrent()'

from a py in the GE? Probably not…

If not, when the game ends and you are back in blender is there a way to auto start a script? Or better, is there a way to run the GE from a script in blender at sartup?

Then it would come back to that script and do what was needed, and then close blender?

Thanks much…very very curious, smile

I believe the GameLogic module has a function called getCurrentScene(), but I forget if it’s accessed using the controller function or not.

You call getCurrentScene() from GameLogic. So, scene = GameLogic.getCurrentScene().

You can access the current scene (as stated above), but it will only run after the game has already started. You could check the option “auto start” in the drop down menu and use the “always” actuator (set to fire only once) to run a script at the beginning of the game.

For the last part you could just have something trigger the script and have the script trigger the end game actuator when it’s through. Unless you mean close blender itself, in which case I don’t know.

What exactly are you trying to use this for? There might be a work around. I hope that helps some…a little…