Can you add a rigid body to a particle system?

Hey guys, I am trying to do a simulation where I am dropping pieces of ammo from the sky onto the ground, what i want is when they drop they stack on top of one another and affect each other.

What I tried doing in my scene was attaching a Collision tag to the emitter and container but the particles don’t collide, they also just slide without any rotation when they hit the ground.

This is my scene:

Im not an expert with physics but I belive you won’t get a good result with mixing particle setup with rigid bodies. Working with rigid bodies alone should do the job.

If I were you I would manually duplicate ammo with rigid body setup as many times as needed.
I would also create some kind of slope/gutter to better control when they are going to appear in the visible screen and what speed they should already have.

What shape of the bullets?

If the image was your projectile and i think it helpless with that shape execpt you have a thousand ammo, u can reduce the power of the colission but every single ammo will look so heavy… To get natural motion my guest Jerzy was right

Thanks, I tried doing what you suggested. I duplicated as much of the ammo I wanted and applied a rigid body to each one and now they all collide with one another.